The unique creative process of our brand.

Initial Research Phase
    The brand takes inspiration from the beautiful and microscopic patterns that cannot be seen with a naked eye. We come up with ideas of what we would like to put under the microscope, e.g. human body, flowers, fruits, insects, and do our research.


     Initial Design Phase

    The dynamic shapes and colours  of the designs result from the combination of these unseeable organic structures of nature and the geometric shapes of those man made instruments one needs to see them.  Once we decide on our concept, we visit the lab to take pictures under the microscope using the appropriate samples and equipment.


     For instance, the pictures below are from human body samples under the microscope.  (Left: Skeletal muscle sample, Right: Liver sample)


    We then experiment with colours, textures, and shapes using our research and micrographs as our base. To beautifully balance the organic structures of nature with those man-made instruments we use to see them (e.g. microscope), we draw all those geometric shapes found in them in an abstract way and add them to our designs later.   


    Once we have all the drawings and micrographs, we then digitize them to create the final designs. 


    The Final Product