Spiracle Keyring
Spiracle Keyring

Spiracle Keyring

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  • Latte calf leather and digitally printed recycled canvas
  • Made in Italy
  • Dry clean only
  • Dimensions: H11 x L2 x D0.5 cm

Product Information

The Apis Mellifica keyring is part of Eleni Bantra's Insecta collection. It is designed in England and made in Italy from high quality Italian calf leather and recycled canvas and measures H11 x L2 x D0.5 cm.

Design story

The lab sample used for this design was spiracle which was combined with the geometric shapes found inside the lab. In arthropods, spiracle is the small opening of a trachea (respiratory tube). Spiracles are usually found on certain thoracic and abdominal segments. The muscular valves of the spiracles, closed most of the time, open only to allow the uptake of oxygen and the escape of carbon dioxide.


  • Heavy recycled canvas - 100% PL RECYCLED
  • Digital printing - Azo dye free inks
  • Calf Leather - 100% natural dying
  • Labels - 100% recycled kraft paper
  • Brand stationary - 100% recyclable
  • Packaging - 99% recycled box (fully recyclable once laminated cover is removed), no printed logo, reusable, 100% recycled tissue paper, 100% recycled bottle satin ribbon and water based logo stickers


Preserve the beauty of your keyrings by avoiding contact with rain, water and other chemicals, and entrusting cleaning by a professional craftsman.