Directed by Alexandros Tsilifonis
Design Collection by Eleni Bantra
Produced by Danny Ormerod
Performing: Jianxin Nuan, Miriam Sunde, Akti Konstantiou
Director of Photography: Bryn Howard Williams
Choreographer: Akti Konstantinou
Styling: Eleni Bantra
Make up/ Hair: Angie White
Editor: Vangelis Papaevangeliou
Colour grader: Angelos Papadopoulos 
Sound Editor: Anastassia Frangouli
Production Manager: Oscar Walkley Brown
Production Assistant: Jacek Partridge
1st AC: Christina Lozano
2nd AC: Lea Aubigne
Gaffer Assistant: Vianney Kernanet
Styling Assistant: Natalia Glowczynska Anani
Still Photographer: Ben Raybone, Raphaela Wagner
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