About (OLD)

The Brand

Eleni Bantra is a luxury accessories brand, based in London.

Its inspiration derives from the beautiful and microscopic patterns that cannot be seen with a naked eye. The dynamic shapes and colours of the designs result from the combination of these unseeable organic structures of nature and the geometric shapes of those man made instruments one needs to see them.

The brand fully supports the Slow Fashion Movement and offers high quality certified textiles and materials in a limited quantity and sustainable packaging. 

“[T]he limits, to which our thoughts are confin’d, are small in respect of the vast
extent of Nature it self; some parts of it are too large to be comprehended,
and some too little to be perceived.”

Robert Hooke, in Micrographia ,1665.


 Our Values



The Designer

Born and raised in Greece, Eleni Bantra is a designer whose designs capture her love for the delicate and sheer undiscovered patterns that exist around us.

Eleni's designs intend to amalgamate art with science and so they all require extensive research in biology departments and libraries. Looking from real human body samples to flower samples under the microscope, she then combines many disciplines to finalise her designs. 

Eleni's academic background at University of Brighton and Royal College of Art, as well as her working experience have been the base of her designing process and influence.