Our sustainable effort

Durable materials & small production.

All of our products are made-to-last, crafted from high quality textiles and materials that can last for generations. Pieces are either made-to-order or produced in small quantities, aiming to reduce overproduction. For you, this means buying timeless accessories of limited quantities, while participating in the movement towards more sustainable fashion. 

Eco friendy packaging.

From our eco-friendly and recyclable boxes to our recycled bottle ribbon and stationary, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to help save the planet. 

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Responsible shopping.

We give you so much more than just a product; we offer you creativity and longevity. Our versatile accessories can be easily adopted to any outfit as statement pieces and can take you from date to night. To get you started, we have created step-by-step instructions of different ways to wear your ELENI BANTRA scarves and have included them in your packages. 

Learn more about how to wear your ELENI BANTRA scarves. 

More than accessories.

We operate a no waste policy, where no product is discarded or discontinued each season. We also reuse as much excess fabric as possible to make other products, and donate the rest to art schools. Checkout out our beautiful scrunchies and one-off art prints collections.

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